Tax Law & Criminal Tax Law

Numerous fiscal aspects directly affect the economic success of a capital investment. Banking and capital market law is characterised by extensive legal regulations which are aimed at preventing fiscal misconduct in this field.

We can provide you with sound advice concerning all tax-related aspects of your capital investment and negotiate assertively for you with banks and authorities. In criminal tax proceedings, we will represent your interests with strategic and tactical skill, great empathy and the utmost discretion.
Dr. Becker – Law Firm for Banking and Capital Market Law, Hamburg, Germany

Focus areas of our work

Our legal advice and advocacy focuses in particular on the following areas:

  • Tax disputes with banks and authorities (offsetting losses in the securities sector, tax treatment of losses incurred from derivatives, classification of incomes from financial products)
  • International tax law
  • Voluntary disclosure and self-declaration
  • Automatic exchange of information, offshore financial centres, bank secrecy and data protection
  • Criminal tax law, including procedural law
  • Cross-border tax matters (double taxation agreements, international administrative assistance, purchase of bank data)
More Practice Areas