Contract Law

Contract law deals with the drafting of individual contracts and the examination of questions relating to contractual fairness. Whenever there is a breach of covenant, complex regulations will apply. Important supreme court decisions deal with the conclusion, effects and dissolution of contracts. Additionally, regulatory law can also be affected.

With our decades of professional expertise, we are able to review loan agreements, sales prospectuses and other contracts and check for any possible recovery claims or pitfalls, thus providing you with economic and legal security. Before you commit yourself to a contract with far-reaching consequences, we will give you sound and comprehensive advice.
Dr. Becker – Law Firm for Banking and Capital Market Law, Hamburg, Germany

Focus areas of our work

Our legal advice and advocacy focuses in particular on the following areas:

  • Review of company law contracts (closed-end funds, silent partnerships, shareholder loans)
  • Consumer and other loan agreements (e.g. foreign currency loans, debt selling by banks)
  • Revocation instructions and prepayment penalties
  • Review of sales and issue prospectuses
  • Laws governing general terms and conditions
  • Review and design of contracts and individual agreements
More Practice Areas