Liability Law and Rights of Recourse

In the complex and rapidly changing world of work, even highly qualified consultants can make mistakes. By disregarding statutory time limits, neglecting material law or supreme court decisions or by mere inactivity, they can cause you to lose confidence and suffer losses.

Our many years of professional expertise allow us to help you when you have rights of recourse due to the inadequate performance of a lawyer's service contract or other consultancy contract. We can review the issue for you, examine the prospects of success and existing liability claims, and provide our expert opinion.
Dr. Becker – Law Firm for Banking and Capital Market Law, Hamburg, Germany

Focus areas of our work

Our legal advice and advocacy focuses in particular on the following areas:

  • Processing failures to meet time limits by former consultants
  • Rights of recourse due to ignorance of material or procedural law
  • Breach of duties relating to information, clarification or (post-) contractual obligations by your representative
  • Rights of recourse due to prolonged inactivity or torts committed by the consultant (unlawful fees, fraud, bribery)
  • Examination of whether your lawyer is liable for conducting insufficient extrajudicial activity, unpromising lawsuits or negotiations
  • Drafting of scientifically substantiated arbitration opinions and casting votes according to paragraph 128 of the Insurance Contract Act
More Practice Areas