Banking Law

Banking law is the most important pillar of our expertise. It is a special area that is being developed extraordinarily dynamically by both legislative activities and case law established at the highest judicial level. Banking law is a part of economic law. It relates to companies and individuals participating in general business dealings, such as current account or credit contracts, swaps, shares in funds, bonds issues for medium-sized enterprises, etc.
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We can offer you expert advice when it comes to enforcing or defending claims. With our banking-specific expertise, we create intelligent, customised solutions fitted to your individual needs, whether in or out of court.
Dr. Becker – Law Firm for Banking and Capital Market Law, Hamburg, Germany

Focus areas of our work

Our legal advice and advocacy focuses in particular on the following areas

  • Loan agreements, guarantees, real estate financing, law concerning forced sales procedures
  • Credit approval criteria, data protection, scoring and rating procedures, Creditreform & SCHUFA infomation
  • All issues concerning investments, swaps and other OTC derivatives, including tax references and consultancy liability issues
  • Shareholder loans, financial supervisory law (BaFin)
  • Reverse transactions of investments in closed-end and open-end funds, e.g. loss-making real estate funds, ship funds, media funds, environmental funds, etc.
  • Credit card fraud or investment fraud,
    CEO fraud
More Practice Areas