Capital Market Law

The second pillar of our expertise is capital market law. This traditionally consists of banking law, company and stock exchange law and other regulations. This non-uniformly codified area of law is concerned with medium- and long-term capital investments, either made by the investor or purchased from financial service providers or banks acting as brokers.
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With our many years of expertise, we are fully committed to representing your interests concerning, for example, inadequate advice, secretive kickbacks, tax matters or cases of investment fraud. In the field of prevention, we can review or draft investor contracts for you or inform you about the operating modes of complex financial products.
Dr. Becker – Law Firm for Banking and Capital Market Law, Hamburg, Germany

Focus areas of our work

Our legal advice and advocacy focuses in particular on the following areas:

  • Security investments (stocks, certificates, participation rights) and funds
  • Participations (e.g. subordinated shareholder loans, silent partnerships)
  • Asset management and
    asset safekeeping
  • Consultant and banking liability, commission fees and illegal kickbacks
  • Investment fraud (pyramid schemes, so-called junk property, etc.)
  • Regulatory law
More Practice Areas